Cormac Ryan Devastates Northwestern

Cormac Ryan Devastates Northwestern

Cormac Ryan, who would have been Northwestern’s highest ranked recruit in program history, chose to take his talents to Stanford University.

Class of 2018 player Cormac Ryan stands at 6’5″ and is one of the most highly sought-after guards in New York. He was rated with four stars and is considered the 3rd-best player in all of New York state. The shooting guard is the 27th-best position player and the 117th player in the country.

He was offered scholarships by Indiana, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Virginia, Florida, Villanova, and soon-to-home Stanford. Michigan, Kansas, and Oklahoma have also taken interest in Ryan. His intelligence is evident by the fact that Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Rutgers, and Dartmouth recruited him.

Following Northwestern’s most successful season in program history, they were hoping to land Ryan to continue that momentum and carry them even further into March. Unfortunately for them and luckily for Stanford, Ryan had other plans that involved stardom and March Madness memories.

Cormac Ryan hails from Milton Academy, one of the northeast’s most prestigious schools. While renowned for his downtown shooting ability, he can be a lock-down defender. He’s versatile, meaning Stanford has the luxury of a shooting guard that can guard point guard to power forward.

His profile praises his passing ability as well. There’s a lot to love about Ryan’s playing ability and Stanford’s 2018 class just got stronger.


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